About Michelle

 Michelle was born in Coral Springs, Florida and lived there and outside of Chicago, IL until she was in second grade.  At that point, her family moved to Texas. Michelle distinctly remembers crying when she was told about the move because she didn't want to ride a horse to school--little did she know Texas would become very dear to her heart!  She played volleyball at Grapevine Highschool, and has many great memories from GHS.  She chose to attend college at Baylor University to earn a degree in Biology, with a painful and accidental minor in Chemistry.  At Baylor, Michelle was very involved with Baylor Activities Council, a student leadership group on campus, and the Pre-Physician Assistant student organization.  

Michelle currently lives in Dallas and is a student in the Physician Assistant Program at UT Southwestern Medical Center. She is so thankful for support from Henry, her family, and the Jordans to help her plan their wedding during PA school!  Michelle will graduate from UTSW in late 2015.  

In her free time, Michelle enjoys spending time with Henry, running/working out, making new recipes she finds on Pinterest, and traveling.  She is so excited to marry Henry on May 10 and start their adventure together!


About Henry

Henry was born in Texas, and has lived there his whole life. He attended Grapevine High School, where he met Michelle, and played varsity basketball. He then went on to attend Baylor University, and earned a degree in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship. He was also a member of the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, and was Vice President of the Alliance of Information Technology Professionals. In addition to his academic career, he also played a crap-load of video games and lifted weights/drank protein. He also loved going to Baylor sporting events, volunteering at the Humane Society with Michelle, and exploring the 5-star restaurants/beverage establishments around Waco.

After graduation, Henry began his career with Accenture as an Systems Integration analyst, and is currently working on a project for an international Aerospace and Defense client.

Henry really can't believe Michelle has stuck with him this long, but he is extremely excited to spend the rest of his life with her.

How we met

Many of you know that we met in high school at Grapevine in 11th grade.  On the first day of school, Michelle was early to her AP US History class and saw Henry walk in the room--her first thought was "Wow, he's tall! I like that!"  She also noticed the next day that he was also in her English class.  

Since Henry was so buried in his books and his studies, he first noticed Michelle when she was all dressed up and giving a presentation in front of the class. Henry then started attending her volleyball games with his friends.  Soon enough, they were exchanging numbers, chatting in class everyday. Henry and Michelle then went on their first date to the high school Homecoming game on October 12, 2007. The rest is history!


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